Saturday, September 29, 2012

Busy busy bee

My new job is a little more crazy than I had imagined. When I'm not working I'm laying down because I'm exhausted. I know one thing that just is not for me in a full career, retail. Standing on my feet for 7-8 hours a day is not fun. I've met some interesting people but all of them ask the same question when I tell them I have graduated from college: Why are you here? And I simple stay, a lady has to survive. Just gotta survive.

Thankfully, in between shifts at the clothing store I've been contacted by another employer. I've gone on two interviews, taken a test for them, and on Tuesday I go in for a panel interview and hopefully they offer me the job. I think they really like me, and they seem excited. This job contains benefits and retirement. And I would be doing something that has to do with my major and not feeling like I failed at adult life. Hoping for good news on Tuesday after my interview. All I have to do is impress three more people, including the director of the finance department and the human resources department. Both of which I'd be working closely with.

So good vibes and well wishes, please send them my way.