Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You don't own Ryan Lochte

If you walked into my house right now the first thing you would notice is how, probably just like half of the world, my television is tuned to the Olympics.

I am a lover of all sports so I certainly don't discriminate. In the past four days I have watched Cameron Van Der Burgh break the world record in the 100m breaststroke, many indoor and beach volleyball matches, Tom Daley having his swimsuit slide down below his butt after a dive, Great Britain  achieve their first medal in gymnastics in a very long time, and even some water polo and equestrian too. To put it lightly I'm a fan. 

One thing that does bother me is the idea of superiority that some fans have when their "favorite" becomes famous. It really parallels everyone's attitude's about bands going "mainstream" or "selling out." So what, you knew about Ryan Lochte four years ago, it doesn't mean you own the right to being his fan. Oh, you've followed men's rowing since you were born so obviously anyone else liking them is an abomination to the world of fans. Get over yourself. Instead of getting your panties in a wad over your favorite athlete getting new fans, shouldn't you be happy that he or she is doing amazing thus gaining the new fans you despise so much? Can we all just appreciate this:

Ryan Lochte celebrating his gold medal.

I thought so. 

This man, won a gold medal, and it doesn't matter if you knew about him when he came out of the womb or if you just became a fan because he won gold for the best country in the world, 'Merica. Let's all just have a beer and join in on a mutual chant of USA! and be happy for these athletes. 

Monday, July 30, 2012


After spending a week at my parents house moping on my ability to be everyone's second choice for a job, I started wondering what it is I'm actually doing with my life. I graduated from a well respected university in arguably one of the hardest degrees in their business school, but I'm still second best. (I recently was told I was overqualified for a job but they wished they could hire me) As I sat in my parents living room I looked around and thought of everything that has happened in the last four years.

When I graduated high school I wasted no time running out of my home town and into the arms of living on my own. I embraced my new found independence and never looked back. I disliked where I had grown up and really had no ties to the people I would be leaving behind. I joked that if I had stayed I would be married and in the nursing program by my age. It's a growing theme in my hometown to do just that.

So now fast forward 4 years.

I'm living alone, sending out resumes to at least fifteen people a week, no job, minimal social life, and living off of corn dogs and 100 calorie packs of cookies. My mother asked me what I would do if I was unable to find a job in my current city and I told her the same answer I've been having to tell myself: "I don't know." Many people want me to move back to my hometown, and it's not that bad of a possibility. Can you really always go home? 

Maybe it's my pride or my desire to be independent, but I feel as though I will be almost giving up or showing I'm not as accomplished as I think if I moved home. It was never an option that I would move home after I graduated. I know a lot of people who that was their plan all along. It was never mine. But with the economy going down and not as many people hiring in a professional setting where I am, it's looking as though this will have to be considered an option soon.

How difficult is a transition from being in college on your own to living in your parents house again? Could I handle that transition and not want to rip my hair out? I hope I don't have to find out.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weddings: All the cool kids are doing it

If you were to walk into my house and look at the fridge you'd think I was the girl from 27 Dresses. You know, the "always a bridesmaid, never a bride." Don't get me wrong, if it meant I'd have a killer body like Katherine Heigl, I'd take that job in a heart beat. But seriously,  wedding invites, engagement parties, save the dates, they all litter my fridge. It's as if everyone has graduated college and are in a race to get to the altar.

Last one there's an ugly bride.

I wish everyone so much happiness that I hope it makes them sick. But could we have planned it better so I don't feel horrible about myself for every weekend in August? Yes, I have a wedding to attend EVERY weekend in August. And me, being the quiet wallflower who enjoys eavesdropping on conversation has decided to attend probably every single one. But, that's okay I do enjoy watching weddings (read that as eating the food) and I'm sure it will be amazing tolerable. However with weddings, comes gifts and that is the worst part as a guest.

The gift ultimately shows how much I love the couple.

I have an engagement party to attend Friday. And have yet to figure out a gift. Honestly, I'm more worried about my outfit. I mean let's be honest, I need a killer outfit to hide the fact that my boyfriend has yet to put a ring on it. I'm only half way kidding. I'm not in a rush to get married, but I do get self conscious about it. I don't necessarily want to get married right now, it's a scary thought, but I don't want to be left out of the crowd.

I guess the real reason I'm so uptight about all these weddings is I'm scared for my friends.

With everyone getting married so young, they don't really know who they are or what it is they want to actually do. And with growing up in the South it was the "it" thing to do, get married young and pop out babies. The divorce rate is so high these days and I don't want to see another of my friends having to go through a divorce before they are 25. It's not a nice situation for anyone, even worse when you're still young. I just wish where I'm from, it was more socially acceptable to marry later in life and not feel the pressure to start a family. That's a big reason I go to my hometown so rarely, I get hounded every place I go about when I'm going to settle down and start popping out tiny humans.

Sadly it's not "lady-like" to tell old women to shove it and keep their noses out of your business.

Friday, July 13, 2012

New beginnings

Yesterday I embarked on a new journey in life; I like to call it "The Real Post Graduate World." Even though I have been a college graduate since May, I have finally come to terms with actually being a college graduate. I had a real interview, for a real job at a very big building who deals with very large amounts of money. After what was thought to be a promising conversation with the head of the department and being given a tour of the office I would work in and even being shown where my desk would be, I was shown the door and told where to go to see a job counselor. Yes, they kicked me out after saying how amazing and wonderful I was and told me I should apply for other jobs. This is a growing theme for me this summer. I blame the idea that the older generations have right now about young adults. I have been told by many individuals they would love to hire me, however because of their bias opinions about how lazy, idiotic, self-centered, lack of drive, and all around horrible my generation is I am being punished. Don't get me wrong, I have procrastinated on a project or two in my lifetime, but I like to think I am none of those. I graduated with an Accounting degree in four years, I live on my own, and have very big dreams. Due to some careless individuals who have not made the wisest of decisions we are all grouped together into this stereotype. And because of this, I am suffering. The world spins madly on...

With my employment status being nonexistent I've decided to go on as many cheap or free adventures that I can until I become a slave to a job. Tomorrow I start on my journey. I don't know where my shoes will take me, but I do know that no matter where I go it will be one heck of a ride... er walk.