Monday, July 30, 2012


After spending a week at my parents house moping on my ability to be everyone's second choice for a job, I started wondering what it is I'm actually doing with my life. I graduated from a well respected university in arguably one of the hardest degrees in their business school, but I'm still second best. (I recently was told I was overqualified for a job but they wished they could hire me) As I sat in my parents living room I looked around and thought of everything that has happened in the last four years.

When I graduated high school I wasted no time running out of my home town and into the arms of living on my own. I embraced my new found independence and never looked back. I disliked where I had grown up and really had no ties to the people I would be leaving behind. I joked that if I had stayed I would be married and in the nursing program by my age. It's a growing theme in my hometown to do just that.

So now fast forward 4 years.

I'm living alone, sending out resumes to at least fifteen people a week, no job, minimal social life, and living off of corn dogs and 100 calorie packs of cookies. My mother asked me what I would do if I was unable to find a job in my current city and I told her the same answer I've been having to tell myself: "I don't know." Many people want me to move back to my hometown, and it's not that bad of a possibility. Can you really always go home? 

Maybe it's my pride or my desire to be independent, but I feel as though I will be almost giving up or showing I'm not as accomplished as I think if I moved home. It was never an option that I would move home after I graduated. I know a lot of people who that was their plan all along. It was never mine. But with the economy going down and not as many people hiring in a professional setting where I am, it's looking as though this will have to be considered an option soon.

How difficult is a transition from being in college on your own to living in your parents house again? Could I handle that transition and not want to rip my hair out? I hope I don't have to find out.

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