Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big girl world is busy

Being busy with big girl stuff has made me forget to take a breather and enjoy the little things in life. I've had weddings to attend, interviews to go on, and applications to send out. And with my alma mater starting back up with classes today, I've got nothing but reminders of how I'm no longer care free. This is where still living in a college town has it's down sides. You are constantly reminded of feeling old for being finished with school, but then also feeling like a loser for not having a job.

I went on an interview just yesterday, and I hope it works out. I interviewed with people who were maybe 6 years older than myself, so right then I knew I would feel better about working there. Something about working with people closer to my age just makes me more confident. The interview went okay, I know it could have gone better. And it certainly could have gone worse. In the next few days they will be making their decision and I will be finding out if I can finally say I am an employed college graduate or not. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that good news comes my way soon.

This weekend I have another wedding to attend. That's two weekends back to back. This one is for my 18 year old cousin. Yes, you read correctly 18. She just graduated high school in May. I'm going because it will be fun to hear all of the comments my aunt has to say about the wedding. She called me this week and told me she expects a wedding invitation within the next year. Let's slow down there ma'am, I don't need another timeline added to my life.

I have this feeling that if I just get a job my life will be better. And I'm sure it will. If I can just find a job to keep my busy and give me money so that I'm not constantly worried I will be great. I will feel like I have accomplished something and have proven all of my professors, who told me I wouldn't succeed, wrong. I just need that, for me.

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